What is the 4th Dimension of Time?

Dimensions are the existence of a plane beyond our 3-dimensional universe. Time is also a dimension that specifies the position of a certain object at a certain time. It’s regarded as the 4th dimension of space.

The measurement of time in the body is different from the calculation of time in other states of consciousness.

Consciousness determines timelapse and time passing. But different consciousness level has different time perceptions.

Time has speed and it’s own velocity. Even the most eminent scientists did not have any idea that the time also has a velocity. If we fix or decide the velocity of time, then it will be difficult to measure all other velocities.

Therefore, we have kept time steady. We say that in one hour someone has walked three miles, but if within three miles the hour also walks somewhat, it will create many difficulties. so we made the hour steady and static; otherwise, everything would be in confusion.

But the most interesting fact is; it is non-static, fickle and moves more than anything else. Time means change but we have kept that fixed otherwise all other measurements of movement will be impossible. This time-velocity runs more or less in accordance with one’s state of consciousness.

As Albert Einstein mentioned that the 4th dimension time has different observation for different people. Our consciousness determines the speed of time. Time is not the same for all creatures, even to the person who lives alone and with a girlfriend; both observe the speed of time differently. The person who lives with girlfriend realizes somehow faster passes of time whereas the person who lives alone realize the slower timelapse.

When one is not in the body there is no difference between one moment and one hundred years. Time measurement begins only with the body. Outside the body, it makes no difference whether you have been for one hundred years or one thousand years. Only upon acquiring a body, the difference begins.

Time measurement while in the body is different from the calculation of time in other states of consciousness. At the time of birth, it moves very slowly and at the time of death, it moves very rapidly. We have not understood the speed of time because in our understanding time has no speed. We understand only that in time all things move.

Our measurements of time are in the world of bodily existence. After the death, time doesn’t matter like in a dream, an expanse of several years can be seen within a moment. If, after awakening a dreamer from the dream, he had no way of knowing when he went to sleep, then it would be difficult to determine the length of his sleep. That can be known only by a clock. The timescale of a soul without a body is different.

What is the 4th dimension?

Our space is 4 Dimensional. The first three dimensions are used to specifying an object’s location/movement in space (forward-backward, left-right, and up-down), while the fourth dimension locates its position in time.

what is 4th dimension

All four dimensions are used to specify completely the location or dynamism of an object in space. Collectively the four dimensions are inseparably interlinked and known as space-time.

We are living in a three-dimensional world, (possessing length, width, and height), so we are unable to see the fourth dimension, as our physical world is constructed within these three physical dimensions only. We might feel or imagine time’s presence, but we can never actually detect it with our three-dimensional senses because it extends beyond our universe.

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