What is Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment?

Spiritual awakening is returning to the inner source of you. Life is there flowing, throbbing, continuously beating within you but you are not aware. Spiritual enlightenment makes you more and more aware of own self-being. We are living life without being aware of our own being.

How to get Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment?

what is spiritual awakening and how to get it
spiritual awakening

Spiritual Awakening and Mindfulness is beyond the Mind:

Mindfulness is beyond the mind and the mind is like the dust gathered in your journey as if you have never taken a bath. You are journeying and journeying a lot. So everything gets dirty and you have never taken a bath. Your mind has never taken a bath. You cling to it that is absolutely dirty.

And all the methods of meditation are nothing but methods to bathe this mind, to take an inner bath, so the dust is thrown away and the hidden consciousness comes to the surface and can encounter the reality.

You see reality through the mind and mind is the instrument that reflects you something but that refection is different than reality.

The reality and you are there, but the encounter is not there because between you and the reality is the mind. Whatsoever you see, you see through the mind and that is the reflection. Your eyes reflect, they are just mirrors. All your senses are just mirrors, they reflect. And then there is the greatest of all the mirrors, that is your mind; it reflects. It not only reflects, but it also comments, interprets and gives a commentary side by side. It distorts reality.

Have you seen distorting mirrors? No need to go anywhere, you have that within you which distorts everything. Whatsoever you have known up to now is not the real reality, because with this dirty mind, how can you look at the real reality? It is as if you are looking at the moon in the water, a reflection, not at the true moon. And you think this is the moon.

You go on looking at the reflections, and the reflections are illusory. That is the meaning of Maya, illusion. That’s why Hindus have said, all you know is Maya, it’s a just appearance, not the real.

Now Quantum Physics started to support spirituality and ignores the existence of matter. There is nothing like matter, it’s just an appearance, only energy is true.

Learning is the greatest hindrance:

how to get spiritual awakening
Stop learning, start meditating

Spiritual Awakening is the self-realization that everything else is unreal. There is nothing to achieve, there is nowhere to go, there is nothing to be done, we are already divine and we are already perfect and no improvement is needed.

But you have been so much improved and that causes hindrance to be enlightened. Again You have to return to your inner being and in your very nature.

Stop gathering information. If you want to know love, be a lover. If you want to know God, be meditation. Learning will not help; rather, unlearning will help you.

Drop whatsoever you know, drop all the information and all scriptures, forget all the Korans, Bibles and Gitas; they are the barriers, they are the wall. And if you go on knocking against that wall, those doors will never open.

Spiritual Awakening or Enlightenment is your very nature:

Everybody thinks that Awakening is something that can be achieved but the fact is that it cannot be achieved, it’s your very nature.

spiritual enlightenment

We are born enlightened and to try for something that is already the case is a most absurd thing. If you already have it, you can’t achieve it. Only those things can be achieved which you don’t have, which are not an intrinsic part to your being, but enlightenment is your very nature.

If you do everything that is possible to do to attain it then you always fail. It cannot be attainment and your ambition.

The mind is ambitious, ambitious for power, for money, for prestige and so on. But when you get fade of all these extrovert activities, then spiritual Awakening becomes your ambition. You become ambitious for liberation, for Nirvana, for god.

The same ambition has come back, only the object has changed. First the object was outside now the object is inside but your attitude and your approach have not changed, still, you are the same person in the same route and in the same routine.

God never creates anybody imperfect. If even you come across an imperfect man, you will see that his imperfection is perfect.

‘Spiritual Awakening’, in other words ‘Mindfulness’ always happens in a state of total relaxation and inner silence when you drop all your activities, all belief system, knowledge and information that you have learned from your surroundings. You should return to the total relaxation state when you were in womb ‘wu-wei‘.

Kill the Mind and become Awakened:

how to get spiritual enlightenment and spiritual awakening

Only meditation can kill the mind, nothing else. Meditation is mind suicide. If you can put the mind aside without any chemicals and drugs, then you get no-mind and you become the master. And everything is new, young and fresh. Death has never occurred in this world, it is the greatest lie.

Think of the child in the mother’s womb, doing nothing. That is a nine-month meditation marathon. And the child was utterly happy.

In fact, because of that blissfulness, one always feels suffering in life. Compared to it whatsoever happens in life falls short. Although consciously you have forgotten about it, unconsciously it persists as a nostalgia.

We know in some subtle way, our body knows, that there was a time when all was just bliss and ecstasy. But you were not doing anything in the womb; you were in a state of no action – ’Wu-Wei’. You were just there. That’s what meditation is all about: again creating a womb situation.

So now your turn is to start meditation, kill the mind, and get Awakened.

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