What is Mindfulness & No-Mind? How to Get It?

Paradise is within you, in your state of no-mind & mindfulness, and hell is also within you, in your very mind. Everything else is just the mind dreaming, desiring, and imagining.

The mind is the greatest barrier and the no-mind is your very nature.

All that is needed is, the mind should be empty. Your ultimate experience should be the experience of no mind.

The mind is like an instrument to work and survive in the universe. It has no way to reach to your very center which is far away, back. The mind cannot go back because it has no reverse gears; it can only go forward.

The mind can take you to the moons, to the stars, wherever you want, but it cannot take you to your own being. If you want to go to your own being, you will have to leave the mind; You will have to go in silence, without thought.

Here’s how to get no mind and mindfulness.

Best ways to get no mind and mindfulness :

1. Be in the present moment:

what is mindfulness and best ways to get no mind.
Being is present moment is the best way to get no mind and mindfulness

The Past and the future have to be completely dropped and the moment remains between the two is ‘this moment’. And this moment is the only reality and it opens the door to the ultimate truth.

So let this moment become your whole life. Live moment to moment, with no ideology, with no desire for any kind of future and goal. And then you needn’t go to find the god, the god comes to you.

The mind is never clear and can never be. Our All relationship is through the mind; hence the problem is. You have to learn the ways of no-mind So it is not a question of how to be clear; it is a question of how to be a no-mind.

Through the mind, the same thing will go on being repeated, again and again. The mind is repetitive and mechanical. It moves like a wheel: the same spokes come up again and again.

There is a difference between the western approach and the eastern. The western approach is to bring clarity to the mind. The whole of psychoanalysis is nothing but that: how to bring clarity to the mind.

The eastern approach is how to get out of the mind because the mind is not going to be clear ever. You have to learn the ways of getting out of the mind. And all the meditations are the tools to slip out of the mind.

2. Be the watcher to get no-mind:

The main problem is that you always identify yourself with the body and the mind. There is no need to get identified with it. Use it, but remain aloof, remain separate from it. Know perfectly well that you are a witness, a watcher.

how to get no mind and mindfulness
watching the thoughts is easy way to get no mind & mindfulness

Just as you are a witness of the outside world – the trees, the moon and the people – exactly like that you are a witness to the inside world – the thoughts, the imagination, the anger, love, hate, jealousy, possessiveness, and all that.

Don’t get identified with the mind. It is very close to you but still, it is not you. So there is no point in working on the mind. Disconnect yourself from the mind the more and more.

When anger comes and surrounds you, then sit silently and watch it as a separate thing. You are the watcher, the witness but you don’t know – you always identify yourself with such emotions. You are separate it, you are witness, the pure consciousness.

You are a watcher on the hills and thoughts are there just like a cloud passing by. There is the hate and there is the jealousy, but you remain aloof; you just see them, Don’t judge them, don’t be against them, The moment you judge you become entangled. That is the secret key to no-mind.

So, don’t say ’This is good’, ’This is bad’; just don’t say anything. Silently see it, take note of it that the thoughts are there and it is neutral, neither good nor bad. And you will be surprised that it comes, it surrounds you and then it goes away. Then only remains is your consciousness, the state of no-mind.

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