Sexual Transmutation For Transforming Life

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All successful people are the result of sexual transmutation. Nothing is impossible for those who know to handle the life energy force well and sexual desire.

Your Life Force is Sexual Energy:

Every living being is the product of sex. It has the power to create a new life. Sex is very important to sustain the existence of every living being and race. Nature activates the sex center as you become an adult and capable of taking part in reproduction.

Giving birth to a new life is not a simple thing, it is very vast, even the scientist cannot create life in a laboratory. The scientist can create a test-tube baby which is fertilizing the egg and sperm by creating a womb-like environment in the laboratory.

Sexual transmutation can give you a new life with immense life force energy. We cannot even imagine the power of sex and sexual transformation.

Life is very complex and we cannot even imagine the internal anatomy of the body. Our body is functioning 24/7 so perfectly but we even don’t know about it.

The DNA, a very minute structure present in the nucleus of a cell carries all the information of the body and handovers the changes gained in a lifespan to the offsprings which helps in evolution.

Nature is very intelligent and clever than us and we cannot be as intelligent as nature because we are its creation.

Creation can never be Smarter than its creator, Otherwise, it cannot be a Creation. We can be smart and efficient using technology but we will always need nature to work properly and smartly.

life energy force

We live within nature and cannot go beyond it. We are just like soap bubbles of nature that remains alive for a few seconds and disappear. The only difference is of the time scale; the bubble vanishes within seconds, but our body takes a few more seconds or years to become destroyed. But It doesn’t matter how long it survives because ultimately death is just at our hand. We need to resubmit our body to nature, so it continues its work.

Sexual Transmutation Means:

Sexual transmutation is the process of re-directing the sexual energy to the higher dimensions and particular goal. All the great poets, scientists, painters, Yogis are the result of sexual transmutation. You cannot achieve success in life until you transform your sexual energy to a particular goal.

You can also use sex energy to activate the third eye. Energy is the same, but the direction where we utilize it matters. The transmutation of sex can make you superhuman.

Sex is the act where nature works to give a new life. But sex has become the source of enjoyment and entertainment. Yeah, sex connects you to nature, the calmness, the peacefulness, the void, the nothingness for 1/10th of a second, then we fall to the ground from a high, you again find yourself with the same problem, nothing changes. But your expectation to re-get that high forces you to repeat the same thing over and over, but you never get satisfied with it.

Sex Center is the lowermost Chakra of the body from where energy is expelled out. Sex throws out your vital energy force, the life force of the body, and the body becomes weak and remains without vigor.

The only human has got a chance to transform sexual energy. No Animals can transform their sexual energy. Transformation of sexual energy can give you a new life, and you jump into the higher consciousness and the higher dimensions.

When the energy stops flowing through the sex center, the body rejuvenates itself. All the weaknesses of the body are overcome, and the energy level of the body becomes very high. Now your sexual energy starts moving upwards towards the brain, and the brain functioning power becomes very high. Your third eye starts activating; so, you get some psychic abilities through sexual transmutation. Moreover, your creativity and Memory power reaches to extraordinary.

Best Ways to achieve Sexual Transmuation

1. Only focus on goals, forget rest of the world

The way to get rid of sex is very simple “don’t fight with sex, rather raise your consciousness and become more alert and aware in each and every moment.” If you have sex, then have it more consciously with great awareness.

Consciousness is light of life, so it can transform your life and make you successful in any field. We all have consciousness, the soul within the body, but we have forgotten it.

So do everything with high alertness; it will help to raise your consciousness. As consciousness increases, sexual desires become weaker and start vanishing. One day you will suddenly find yourself without sexual desires because consciousness and desires cannot sustain simultaneously.

Don’t waste your life, energy, and time indulging in sexual activities. The more you indulge in it, the more sexual desires arise in you. So don’t even think about it, totally forget it.

I’ m not telling you to suppress the sexual desires. Just help your energy to give the right direction. Forget about sex; focus on your goals. All successful people transmute their sexual energy into their goals and hobbies.

Energy is the same, we all have equal strength, but some throwout energy in sex and some invest in their goals; that is the difference.

2. Eat as much as you need:

Overeating and Sexual desires have a direct relationship. If you overeat or really stuff yourself, the sex desire will be created from the extra food. If you eat more than the necessary amount, it creates desire inside of you.

Why does it create desire? It’s because you will not be able to contain the extra energy within you. It wants to go out, and you already have made a hole by which your extra energy is thrown out.

Sexual Desires are the ways to expel energy from the body. When you have too much energy that you cannot contain, it will begin to overflow. A container can be filled with only as much water as it can contain. If the container is filled with more, it will overflow.

Desires are the energy that overflows your vessel, this is why if you eat too much you will be caught in sexual desire. Now it is very difficult. If you eat too little you will remember all kinds of food every time day and night.

If you eat too much then unconsciousness overtakes you, immediately you feel asleep. And if you do not eat food some night, then you cannot fall asleep. so in older age sleep becomes less because he cannot eat too much food. The body cannot contain enough food to digest.

So what will you do? What is the way? – Be spontaneous, come to the middle. Eat as much as is necessary for your body to do daily activities like meditations and works. This helps you in sexual transmutation and controlling sexual desires.

3. Meditation plays an ultimate role in sexual transmutation:

The most important thing to always remember is – try to become conscious and aware of each and every moment and activities that you do.

There is a relationship between awareness and Sexual desire. To control sexual desires you should become a flame of awareness and it is possible by doing meditation.

As you become more aware, less sexual desire arises. These two always influence each other. Don’t fight against sex, it’s foolish to fight with sex, you cannot fight against your life energy force.

The ultimate solution is- try to focus on awakening your consciousness and meditation increase your consciousness. When consciousness increases, Simultaneously the sexual desire disappears.

This is why don’t fight against sex, rather awaken your awareness. Become more alert and do things with greater alertness. If you go into sex, go into it more alertly and consciously. You cannot go into sex until and unless you are And you will be surprised, as consciousness increases, sex desire will become weak by itself. One day you will suddenly find that without suppressing and fighting against sex, it has disappeared from your life. There are no longer sexual desires within you. Everything can be lit with awakening.

Sex and Awareness both have a great relationship as the light and darkness. If the sun rises, darkness ends. Similary, as the light of awareness increases, desires of sex disappears.

Only the light is needed in life to awake. People who fight with sexual desires get stuck more with sex. If you fight with sexual desire, it will increase and you will be more overwhelmed by it. No one has ever fought with darkness and won. You cannot remove darkness without light. Every effort will become futile unless you light a small lamp of awareness.

Darkness and desires are nothing but the absence of light and consciousness. If the light presents, darkness cannot sustain. It has not vanished, only light was missing.

Sex occurs in the absence of meditation and awareness. If the light of meditation is lit; sex can no longer remain in your life. It helps your life energy force to give the right direction.

You shouldn’t suppress sexual desires to transmute sexual energy. It will be automatically transformed when you become aware of your activities and practice meditation.

Don’t try to suppress Sex. The key to success in Brahmacharya (celibacy) is to meditate regularly. Brahmacharya is the result of sexual transmutation and you cannot achieve it until and unless you become perfect in meditation and reach in Samadhi.


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