Top 5 Easy Ways to Open Your Third Eye Chakra

open your third eye chakra

Today Awaken Guru is going to show you something important and useful to succeed in life through the third eye chakra awakening. You don’t need to go anywhere to activate your third eye. I’m here to help you to awaken your third eye as a third eye guru for you.

The third eye has substantial potential to transform your life and you can acquire some psychic abilities naturally fast through third eye chakra opening. You won’t stay the identical person if you open your third eye chakra.

Your life and the outlook on the world will be tremendously different through the third eye activation. It helps you to develop your overall individual development and achieve success in life in an easy way.

Here are some unbelievable advantages of the third eye-opening.

Powers and Abilities of Third Eye Awakening:

  • Imagination and Creativity
  • Amazing Brain Power
  • Psychic Powers and Empathy
  • Astral Travel
  • Higher Intuition
  • No Depression – No Anxiety
  • People will be drawn to You
  • Able to Look into the Future
  • Able to Control the Mind
  • Great Help in Meditation
  • Third Eye Pineal Gland Activation
  • Able to discover the Answer to Every Problem
  • Knows the Higher and Lower Dimensions
  • And Many More.

These strategies are potent strategies to open the third eye naturally fast for those who strictly apply all of the instructions. Here’s how to open your third eye.

1. Be in the Present Moment (Easy Meditation Technique)

how to open your third eye naturally fast
Awaken your third eye through the Simple meditation technique

You do all the things unconsciously as if you’re asleep. You never live in the present moment. Your every activity should be your meditation. This is the art of living. One of essentially the purest Meditation method is to do every event so consciously that you simply neglect all other worlds and solely stay in that task. 

When you be in the present moment, you might be very nearer to your real being, and also you neglect all of your pasts and the future. You become bare consciousness where desires are absent.

Meditation is nothing but being consciously in the present moment with thoughtlessness.

The persons are asleep everywhere on the entire earth. Sleep means you might be in the past or in the future.

Everybody is asleep. This sleep is not a strange sleep; it’s a metaphysical sleep. Even when you suppose you are awake, you stay asleep.

You walk on the highway and work in your workplace with open eyes, but still, you are asleep. This metaphysical sleep has to be dropped completely.

One has to turn out to be a flame of consciousness. This is the art of living and that helps to open your Third Eye fast.

Don’t do your actions without being conscious. We drive a car robotically, and never aware of that motion of our fingers and feet. When we stroll, our feet and fingers move unknowingly; we’re not mindful of that activity. Our entire dwelling is in unconsciousness, and it is not gonna assist in third eye awakening

Your entire focus ought to be on being conscious of each moment of life, i.e. in difficulties & pleasure. The entire problem of life is due to our unconsciousness and asleep in life. We all the time get hooked up and identified to the incidences and the occasions that create hassle in life. Life is trouble; no-one can be happy until and unless he is aware of the art of living. 

You have to perceive vastly that the attachments to the objects of the worlds are a distraction to your being and takes you far-off from yourself.

Living life in the present moment can remodel and transform your life. You can’t be an identical individual if you can reside in life in the present moment. All the hindrances and distress of life disappears, and your life turns full of bliss and pleasure.

2. Compassionate to Nature

Life is wheeling like the circle of the wheel. If you don’t benefit from being a human being, you then lose your right to be a human being. This is pure arithmetic. After all, you’ve got the right to be human – for some motive.

One Gautam Buddha Story:

Someone asked Buddha – (was a younger man),

I wished to be a sannyasin because I see you going on the street, staying peacefully in each moment, and your distinctive unearthly magnificence. This arose an intense aspiration in my mind. But I had by no means considered abandonment and asceticism earlier than this. I’ve by no means been eager about religions before.

Moreover, I simply stayed away from scholar-priests. If my father and mom ever wished to take me to the priests, then I all the time kept away from them by making thousands of excuses. I simply get a headache and bored after listening to the priests. But seeing you, I’ve turned out to be very agitated, and a sense arises that I could be initiated. But I don’t perceive what is going on to me all of a sudden and spontaneously! How I wanted to be such a giant factor!

The Buddha closed his eyes and stated to him: “Young man, you have no idea about your past lives; you were an elephant in a previous life. The forest was on fire, and also you were running away. All the animals and birds were also running away.

gautam buddha story

And You stopped for some time to relax because your legs were drained and one leg had got a fork on the backside of a foot; then you have to elevate thy foot, and instantly a rabbit got here underneath the foot, between the hole of leg and floor. You looked down.

That moment was such that the entire forest was set on a fireplace. That opportunity was such that you simply noticed one thing: We are all running for life: This poor rabbit is also running. I’m drained, and I’m a giant elephant, so the rabbit is too drained. And how quietly it’s sitting underneath my foot which I’ve raised; Now if I’ll put my foot down, then the rabbit going to die.

best gautam buddha story

That moment was such that you simply had been so anxious about your life, your exploration was so intense to survive. But you got a pearl of wisdom that everybody needs to survive and the rabbit too. You grew up realizing. Your foot remained stood up, and the rabbit sat down firmly. When the rabbit moved, you set your foot down. But the foot was stiff. You couldn’t hold it down; it fell. The rabbit escaped, but you remained in that forest fireplace and died.

But when you were dying, you had been delighted in your mind. You had a wave of nice peace and a novel pleasure. The satisfaction of feeling that I didn’t kill the rabbit; Let me die, nice. 

Buddha stated: Because of the compassion you showed, you turned a human being. Due to that pity, this seed has fallen in you.

Buddha used to say: who have compassion in life, knowledge comes in his life, a realization comes. And one who has knowledge in his life has compassion in his life and these are considered as the two sides of the identical coin. So the one who attains meditation and achieves intelligence knows the great kindness in his life. And those that have a life with great compassion and even the slightest odor of compassion in his life, he’ll turn out to be anxious in samadhi. 

Buddha stated: Because of that compassion, You felt this sense in your mind when you walked on the street in the present day. It shouldn’t be without motive; behind this, a series exists.

I let you know that you’re human; it’s not without motive. You must have executed one thing, or one thing must have occurred in the previous.

You have achieved manhood after a really long run, and it’s your income. And this chance is simply a possibility. It shouldn’t be your everlasting property, and you aren’t the proprietor. It is fleeting; it’s in the present day and can be gone tomorrow. You can lose as you’ve earned. 

If an elephant can be a human due to compassion, then a human can be an elephant due to foolishness and hardness. 

Meditation will deliver you a great sensitivity and a great sense of belonging to the world. It is our world; nature belongs to you. The stars, timber, ocean, animals, rivers, birds are ours, and we’re not foreigners right here. We belong intrinsically to existence. We are the part and center of it.

And this sensitivity will create a brand new friendship with timber, birds, animals, mountains, rivers, oceans, stars, and nature. Life turns into extra valuable as love and friendliness develop.

how to open your third eye fast
Open your third eye through compassion.

You can’t open your third eye chakra in case your coronary heart is full of hate, egos, and jealously. It closes the door in direction of infinity and nature.

Start living life by thinking positive about everything and show compassion to living and non-living beings the exist in the universe.

You are not simply grown massive; all the things in nature are helping you directly and indirectly. You will not be completely different from nature; you are a part of nature.

All the constituent components found in the body are at first of nature earlier than the formation of the body. You will not be completely different from the soil and nature. Your blood, muscle, tissue, bones, and the entire body are made up of constituent components found in nature.

Everything that exists in the universe has to be non exist or destroyed. There is no point in being egoist; everything, i.e. money, land, and prestige can’t possess and take with you when you die. 

Become merciful towards nature because nature is your actual mom. Fill your heart with mysteries and mercy towards nature.

Everything is continuously changing in each and every instant, it’s consistently being a newer one, and one thing is dying concurrently. Even when you cross the river, the same water can’t contact you once more because at each moment water is continuously flowing and changing its positions. 

When you see somebody, then are you able to assure that you’ll find him once more right and alive? Everything is unsure in life, so why not really feel our hearts with mercy and compassion? Nothing is immortal; each second, we’re nearer and nearer going to death.

Love everybody and all the things, do not hate even your enemies, do not turn out to be a slave of mind, traditions, and society. Be grateful to nature. Nature is stuffed with mysteries, do not attempt to clear up the puzzles, you can not; what you may is, soar on it and luxuriate in. This helps you to open your third eye really fast and naturally without effort.

3. Meditate every day using the third eye meditation technique

awaken the third eye chakra
Open your third eye through the third eye meditation.

The one who lives his life nearer to his third-eye point can get rid of lusts and desires instantly.

The third-eye chakra is the powerhouse of energy. The more energy concentrated and acquired on the third eye chakra, the stronger, extra energetic, highly effective, extra vigorous, resolute, and conscious individual you become.

The higher chakras are the incoming source of energies whereas the lower chakras are the outgoing source of energies. The sex center is for the discharge of energies and the third-eye chakra for attracting energy inside the body.

People say you can’t see and experience the divine and the soul. And it’s true, they tell us truly because they live their whole lives in lower chakras (Sex Center) and the third eye chakra remains unactivated. Only a third eye chakra activated person can see and experience the god and the soul. The world begins to disappear, and the infinite begins to seem for him.

Close your eyes, then focus each of your eyes simply in the center of the two eyebrows. Give the full concentration to it without hard effort. This is, no doubt, one of the easiest and simplest strategies of being attentive and aware. 

You can’t be such conscious and attentive to other body points. But the third eye absorbs energy more faster and rapidly once you concentrate on it. If you focus on it, each of your eyes turns out to be hypnotized with the third eye. They shift upward towards the third eye point at the center of the two eyebrows. The third eye is highly magnetic and absorbs energy very fast.

Attention and the focus is food for the third eye. It is very hungry for many lives. If you concentrate on the third eye, it turns alive due to the food of the third eye. 

Close your eyes, let your two eyes move slightly upwards to the center of the forehead, and concentrate on the third eye point in between two eyebrows. Then, you start feeling the sensation of pressure on the third eye point.

This is the simplest and 100% working trick to open your third eye naturally fast. It is the perfect third eye meditation also used to go quickly into the Samadhi (very deep in meditation) and this meditation technique can be known as Third Eye meditation.

4. The Lord Siva’s third eye meditation is the ultimate third eye-opening tool

open your third eye
Open your third eye through Siva’s third eye meditation technique.

Our two eyes can see only materials and these eyes are materialistic, which is useful to see our world that we live in. But the third eye can see the things that are beyond our world.

The third eye activates only when our two eyes cease completely in motion. Every time even when sleeping, our eyes move rapidly or slightly. These two eyes are continuously moving and never stops even while sleeping and it’s causing problems on opening your third eye.

When this motion is stopped or seized, the third eye begins working. It will get an opportunity to work; energy begins flowing in direction of it.

Movements of eyes correspond to the progress of the mind. As you think less, the two eyes move less. Similarly, as you overthink, the two eyes move very rapidly.

The eyes are all the time moving, however in a really slight motion. As the motion of the eyes stops, the ideas and thoughts in the mind additionally disappear at the same time.

Your goal is to cease eye motion completely to be thoughtless and open the third eye chakra.

Don’t force to cease the motion of eyes. Relax your whole body and the two eyes. Make the body and muscles free from all of the tensions and stresses. Just chill out as if you’re floating on the river like a dry leaf floating.

We all the time subconsciously tighten our head’s muscles and tissues. Relax, as if it is freed from any physical and mental stress, and become completely weightless. 

Everything should be completely silent. Don’t even force small, let the body die; disconnect the body from consciousness. Loose and relax the muscles and tissues like there is nobody exist anymore. 

There should be no energy and stress to any part of the body; even any slight force shouldn’t be there in any part of the body.

When the body becomes totally relaxed, your eyes slightly move upward in direction of the third eye point, in between the two eyebrows. If it doesn’t move, then simply relax eye muscles and slightly focus on the forehead area between the two eyebrows.

Don’t force to relax the eyes. If you let the eyes muscle free from any stress and pressure, it automatically stops moving. As the motion of the eyes stops, the thoughts on the mind simultaneously disappear.

If you follow this Siva’s secret the third eye meditation technique for a few days, you begin feeling a slight ache or pressure on the third eye point as if someone is pulling in the third eye point.

Just concentrate on the third eye point, in between the two eyebrows, and feel the pressure on the third eye point. Don’t forget. Always remember the slight pressure on the forehead twenty for seven for the best results.

If there isn’t any delicate ache or sensation in between the eyebrows, then repeat this technique for a minimum of an hour a day. After a few days or from the first day (depends on persons to persons), you begin feeling the sensation at the third eye chakra point in the forehead.

If you continue the third eye meditation, the sensation and pain on the forehead increases and it’s not gonna harm you, rather it’s good news for you that your third eye is activating.

When the energy increases on the Third Eye Chakra, you enter the new dimension, stuffed with blissfulness and great pleasures that you have ever experienced.

Practice this unique Lord Siva’s third meditation technique every day for the best results. It’s a very powerful secret tool to open your third eye naturally very fast like Siva.

you can meditate with your comfortable posture or you can lie on the mattress with eye closed. This is the secret meditation technique given by Lord Siva to open your third eye chakra.

5. Transmutation of Sexual Energy for The Third Eye Awakening

sexual transmutation
Open your third eye through sexual transmutation

The transmutation of sexual energy can furnish you with a brand new life. You turn out to be exalted to greater consciousness. All the good artists, specialists, painters, sages, vocalists, and Yogis are the implications of sexual transmutation.

You can’t accomplish massive in your life until you transform your sexual energy towards the third eye chakra. Energy is the same but the direction of moving is different.

You lose energy through lower chakras so you cannot experience the peace and abilities of higher chakras because your whole living belongs to sex chakra or to the lower chakras. For example, you can assume water as energy, and if there is some leakage in lower chakras then how the water can move upward unless you stop leakage.

So, stop fapping, live the life of no-fapping if you want to achieve something big in life.

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