How to start meditation: Secret Spiritual Meditaion for Beginner

how to start meditation

Have you tried every meditation technique but still not getting any results? Have you also tried each meditation tutorial you saw on YouTube, promoted by an agency and it didn’t work? You shouldn’t be worried. Today I’m going to show you a guided meditation for stress and anxiety relief. Here’s how to start meditation.

How to start meditation?

  • Persist with one meditation technique that you like. But today I will show you a simple one.
  • Sit Comfortably or lie on a bed and relax the whole body.
  • Become aware of your self-being.
  • Stop Thinking in mind. As you become more aware of your body, thoughts start vanishing.
  • Don’t move your body, let the whole body be relaxed. Only become conscious of your body and thoughts.
  • Realize that you are not the thoughts and body, you are the consciousness.
  • Stay at that state as long as you can.
  • Don’t do anything in meditation physically and mentally.
  • Forget the world, vanish in the inner sky.
  • Practice this meditation at least 1 hour a day.
how to start meditation, a guided meditaion
how to start meditation?

Persist with one meditation technique

Do at least one meditation every day. You can choose any meditation technique, but persist with one method; don’t go on changing whether results come or not.

Results will certainly come, but all that you need is patience. Methods and the techniques don’t work, what really works is patience. Methods are devices to help you to remain patient and open.

Meditation is very simple, if a man remains in his room for 1 hour every day doing simply nothing, then no method and technique are needed. Just sitting there doing nothing mentally and physically can transform your life and because it becomes your meditation.

All meditations are just explanations and rationalizations for people who cannot just sit, They need something to do otherwise they cannot sit without doing something.

Meditation is doing nothing physically and mentally:

a guided meditation to do nothing

In fact, meditation is physically and mentally doing nothing. It is just relaxing, calming and jumping deep inside your own being.

Think of the child in the mother’s womb, really doing nothing. The child starts meditation in the womb. That was a nine-month meditation journey and the child was utterly happy and blissful. Meditation is the act of doing nothing at a human or body level. It’s beyond the body and any mental act, just act to get lost in the universe that there is nobody to experience any bodily pains and feelings. We were in that situation and in a meditative state in the body so because of that huge blissfulness, one always feels suffering in life and seeks peace but never finds it.

All the causes of depression and addiction to drugs are due to not getting again such a huge peace that was ever happened in the mother’s womb.

As compared to it, everything happens in life falls short. Although consciously we have forgotten about it, unconsciously it persists as a nostalgia. We know in some subtle way, our body also knows, that there was a time when all was just bliss.

Meditation is nothing but again creating a womb situation. So be in the state of doing nothing, just be there for one hour every day and the result certainly comes.

But result won’t pop up immediately because we have learned habits of action and they have deep-rooted in our mind, so even when sitting, we find some ways to do something.

Start one-hour mediation daily

While meditating you should be in the state of no-mind, in a thoughtless state. But it is very difficult to attain it because of our wandering mind. In the beginning days, you face difficulties starting meditation.

When you close your eyes to meditate, then you start dreaming and thinking. You can wonder ’Who is disturbing me? Why? Why is this dog barking?

Our mind dies in meditation so wants to disturb you and generates some subtle mechanisms in the body to distract you. You may experience something like itching and creep of ants on your leg or there is a pain and uneasiness on the body and legs, so you have to change the posture.

These are nothing but tricks and strategies of the mind to keep you occupied because the mind dies totally if there is no occupation. The mind is the occupation. Meditation means a state of no occupation, a state of no mind.

So if you like any method, then you can do it; if you don’t, just sit. Twenty-three hours are yours; give one hour to meditation. And finally, you will realize that only that one hour has been saved; all the other twenty-three hours have gone down the drain. So start guided meditation for one hour a day.



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