How to relax the mind quickly from anxiety and stress?

You will be surprised to know that the hands are perfectly able to release the tensions and able to relax the Mind. Your hands are deeply connected to the brain– the right hand with the left side brain and the left hand with the right side brain.

Do you really want to relax your mind? Today I will show you the simplest way to get rid of tensions and relax your mind.

How the hands relax the mind?

Your hands are perfectly capable of releasing anger, tension, and depressions. You will be totally relaxed only when all these accumulated tensions in the brain get released.

If the fingers are allowed the total freedom of expression, then all of your tensions accumulated in the brain are released. That is the easiest way to release the brain repressions, unused energy, and relax the mind.

A separate science was evolved in the East – the science of Mudras. Slowly slowly, people became aware that whenever a certain thing happens in the mind, the hand takes a certain gesture, a certain posture. When you are angry, it may become a fist. It has to become a fist because anger means that you don’t want to release the tension.

In anger, the hand closes and becomes a fist. Then there is no energy released by the hand; it accumulates, so you want to beat somebody because the whole hand gathers too much energy and it needs an abrupt release. That’s what hitting is. And that’s why, when you are angry it is very helpful to hit a pillow, to beat a pillow – it does the same. It doesn’t matter who you are beating.

There is no point in beating your wife or your child or your friend; that can be done to the pillow. Because the real thing is not beating – the real thing is that the accumulated energy is too heavy. It has to be released, you have to be unburdened.

When the mind becomes silent, the hand has different gestures. When the mind becomes utterly silent, you can see from the gestures of the hand. They have grace and elegance that is almost not of this world – the gestures of a Buddha are gestures of enlightenment.

The way that meditators have been sitting down for ages and centuries is due to a particular reason. One hand upon another creates a circle of energy; nothing is released. From the left hand it moves to the right and goes on circling inside you; it is a short circuit. It is immensely powerful. It gathers power in a different way – not like a fist because that is a broken line and the power becomes too much and has to be released. But when the power is moving in a circle there is no question of release. That’s why meditators have been sitting that way.

How to relax your mind?

how to relax your mind from stress
how to relax you mind
  • Just sit silently and allow your fingers to have their movement.
  • Keep your eyes closed and just feel the movements from inside.
  • You will find the left hand up, sometimes the right hand up. Don’t force any pattern – whatsoever the need of the energy is, it will take that form.
  • When the left side of the brain wants to release the energy it will take one form when the right side of the brain is too burdened with energy, then there will be a different gesture.
  • You can become a great meditator through hand gestures; you have that potential. So just sitting silently, play, allow the hand… and you will be surprised. It’s magical.
  • You needn’t jump and jog and do much chaotic meditation – just your hands can relax the mind.
  • Meditation is one of the greatest and the best ways to release your tension, anxiety, sadness, anger, and depressions. Results can be seen from the first day of the meditation. Just let the energy flow more into the hands. That’s it.

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