How to Open Your Third Eye Chakra in 24 hours?

Today I’m going to share with you something significant and helpful to succeed in life through third eye-opening techniques.

It has substantial potential to transform your life and realize some psychic abilities naturally and fast. You will not remain the same person if you open your third eye chakra.

Your life and the outlook to the world is going to be super changed through third eye activation. It helps you to develop your overall individual advancement and achieve success in life.

Here are some incredible benefits of third eye-opening.

Power of Third Eye Awakening:

  • Imagination and Creativity
  • Amazing Brain Power
  • Psychic Powers and Empathy
  • Astral Travel
  • Higher Intuition
  • No Depression – No Anxiety
  • People will be drawn to You
  • Able to Look into the Future
  • Able to Control the Mind
  • Great help in Meditation
  • The universe starts obeying your orders
  • Able to find the solution to every problem
  • Knows the higher and lower dimensions
  • And Many More.

Top 5 Ways to Open Your Third Eye Chakra

These methods are potent methods to open the third eye naturally fast within 24 hours if you strictly apply all the instructions. Here’s how to open your third eye.

1. Be in the Present Moment

We do everything unconsciously as if we are asleep. Your every activity should be your meditation. One of the most natural Meditation technique is to do your every event so consciously that you forget all other worlds and only remain in that task. 

When you be in the present moment, you are very closer to your being, and you forget all your pasts and the future. You become naked consciousness only where desires are absent.

Meditation is nothing but being consciously in the present moment with thoughtlessness.

The people are asleep everywhere on the whole earth. Sleep means you are in the past or the future.

Everybody is asleep. This sleep is not an ordinary sleep; it is a metaphysical sleep. Even while you think you are awake, you remain asleep.

You walk on the road and work in your office with open eyes, but still, you are asleep. This metaphysical sleep has to be dropped entirely.

One has to become a flame of awareness. This is the art of living which helps to open your Third Eye.

Don’t do your activities without being conscious. We drive a vehicle robotically, and not aware of that movement of our hands and feet. When we walk, our feet and hands move unknowingly; we are not mindful of that activity. Our whole living is in unconsciousness, and it’s not gonna help in third eye awakening

Your whole focus should be in being conscious of every moment of life, e.g. in difficulties & joy. The whole problem of life is due to our unconsciousness and asleep in life. We always get attached and identified to the incidences and the events that create trouble in life. Life is trouble; no-one can become happy until and unless he knows the art of living. 

You have to understand hugely that the attachments to the objects of the worlds are the distraction to your being and takes you far away from yourself.

Living life in the present moment can transform your life. You cannot be the same person if you can live life in the present moment. All the hindrances and misery of life disappears, and your life becomes full of ecstasy and joy.

2. Compassionate to the Nature

Life is wheeling is the circle of the wheel. If you don’t take advantage of being a human being, then you lose your right to be a human being. This is pure mathematics. After all, you have got the right to be human – for some reason.

Someone asked Buddha – (was a young man),

how to open your third eye fast
Gutam Buddha Story

I wanted to be a sannyasin because I see you going on the road, staying peacefully in every moment, and your unique unearthly beauty. This arose an intense aspiration in my mind. But I had never thought of abandonment and asceticism before this. I have never been keen on religions.

Moreover, I just stayed away from scholar-priests. If my father and mother ever wanted to take me to the priests, then I always refrained from them by making a thousand excuses. I just get a headache and bored after listening to the pundits. But seeing you, I have become very agitated, and a feeling arises that I may be initiated. But I do not understand what is happening to me suddenly and spontaneously! How I wished to be such a big thing!

The Buddha closed his eyes and said to him: “Young man, you do not know your past lives; you were an elephant in a previous life. The forest was on fire, and you were running away. All the animals and birds were running away.

You stopped for a while to rest because your legs were tired and one leg had got fork at the bottom of a foot; then you have to elevate thy foot, and immediately a rabbit came under the foot, between the gap of leg and ground. You looked down.

buddha on open the third eye naturally fast
Jungle on fire

That moment was such that the whole forest was set on fire. That opportunity was such that you saw one thing: We are all running for life: This poor rabbit is also running. I am tired, I am a big elephant, so it is too tired. And how quietly it is sitting under my foot which I have raised; Now if I will put my foot down, then it will die.

That moment was such that you were so anxious for your life, your Exploration was so intense to survive. But you got a pearl of wisdom that everyone wants to survive and the rabbit too. You grew up knowing. Your foot remained stood up, and the rabbit sat down firmly. When the rabbit moved, you put your foot down. But the foot was stiff. You could not keep it down; it fell. The rabbit escaped, but you were in that forest fire. You then died on fire. 

But when you are dying, you were delighted in your mind. You had a wave of great peace and a unique joy. The satisfaction of feeling that I did not kill the rabbit; Let me die, fine. 

Buddha said: Because of the compassion you showed, you became a human being. Due to that pity, this seed has fallen in you.

Buddha used to say: Whosoever has compassion in life, wisdom comes in his life, a realization comes. And one who has wisdom in his life has compassion in his life. These are two sides of the same coin. So the person who attains meditation and achieves intelligence knows and great kindness in his life. And those who have life great compassion or even the slightest smell of compassion in his life, he will become anxious in samadhi. 

Buddha said: Because of that compassion, You felt this feeling in your mind when you walked on the road today. It is not without reason; behind this, a chain exists.

I tell you that you are human; it is not without reason. You must have done something, or something must have happened in the past.

You have achieved manhood after a very long run, and it is your earning. And this opportunity is only an opportunity. It is not your eternal property, and you are not the owner. It is fleeting; it is today and will be gone tomorrow. You can lose as you have earned. 

If an elephant can be a human because of compassion, then a human can be an elephant due to hardness. 

Meditation will bring you sensitivity, a great sense of belonging to the world. It is our world; nature belongs to you. The stars, trees, ocean, animals, rivers, birds are ours, and we are not foreigners here. We belong intrinsically to existence. We are part of it; we are the heart of it.

And this sensitivity will create a new friendship with trees, birds, animals, mountains, rivers, oceans, stars and nature. Life becomes more precious as love and friendliness grow.

how to open your third eye fast
Compassion to everyone is a way to activate the third eye chakra naturally fast

You cannot open your third eye chakra if your heart is filled with hates, egos, and jealously. It closes the door towards infinity and nature.

Start living the life with thinking positive to everything and show compassion to living and non-living beings both.

You are not just grown big; everything in nature is helping you directly and indirectly. You are not different from nature; you are part of nature.

All the constituent elements found in the body are at first of nature before the formation of the body. You are not different from the soil and nature. Your blood, muscles, bones and the whole body is made up of constituent elements found in nature.

Everything that exists in the universe has to be non-exist or destroyed. There is no point in being egoist; your everything, i.e. money, land and prestige cannot be gone with you when you die. 

Become merciful towards nature because nature is your real mother. Fill your heart with mysteries and the mercy to nature.

Everything is continuously changing in every instant, it is consistently a newer one, and something is dying simultaneously. Even when you cross the river, the same water cannot touch you again because in every moment water is continuously moving and replacing the old. 

When you see someone, then can you guarantee that you will find him again well and alive? Everything is uncertain in life, so why not to feel our heart with mercy and compassion? Nothing is immortal; every second, we are closer and closer to death.

Love everyone and everything, don’t hate even your enemies, don’t become a slave of mind culture and society. Be grateful to nature. Nature is full of mysteries, don’t try to solve the puzzles, you cannot; what you can is, jump on it and enjoy. This helps you to open your third eye.

3. Always Remain Close to the Third Eye

The person who lives his life closer to his third-eye, or whose attention is always focused there, will not even know when the lust gradually fades away from his life & consciousness and eventually disappears.

This is because the third-eye chakra is the host for all energy and power. The greater the energy that is taken in at the third-eye chakra, the stronger, more energetic, more powerful, more vigorous, and resolute the person becomes.

Between third eye chakra and sex center- energy is taken in and expelled out. The sex center is for the expulsion of power and the third-eye chakra for attracting energy in – there are three other centers: the navel, the heart, and the throat. These are responsible for the internal functioning of the body; they keep it going.

Understanding these seven centers is essential for the meditator. People say we cannot see the divine, the god, the soul. But as soon as the center which joins us to the infinite – the third eye chakra – is activated, the world begins to disappear, and the infinite begins to appear. It’s not that the world is no more; the world still is, but not as we know it. It becomes the world of the infinite.

Close your eyes, then focus both of your eyes just in the middle of the two eyebrows. Give total attention to it. This is one of the simplest methods of being attentive. 

You cannot be attentive to any other part of the body so quickly. The Third Eye absorbs energy when you focus on it. If you give attention to it, both your eyes become hypnotized with the third eye. They become fixed and cannot move. It is magnetic for care and absorbs energy.

Attention is food for the Third Eye. It is very hungry since the many lives. If you pay attention to it, it becomes alive because the food is given to it. 
Close your eyes, let your two eyes move just upper towards the third eye point, the middle between the two eyebrows, and try to focus on the spot. 
When you are closer to the point, suddenly your eyes will be fixed there, and it won’t be easy to move the eyes. This is the third eye point; you start feeling sensation on it. 

Once your attention is focused at the third eye center, you become the witness of thoughts immediately. 

Ordinarily, you are not the witness; you are identified with thoughts. If anger is there, you become angry. If a thought moves, you also move with thoughts. You do not have any gap between you and the thought.

But focused at the Third Eye, suddenly you become a witness. Through the third eye, you can see thoughts running like clouds in the sky or people moving on the street.

This is the most effective and 100% working trick to open your Third Eye. It is the best meditation ever to go fast in Samadhi (very deep in meditation) and this method is also called Third Eye meditation.

4. The Siva Technique to Open the Third Eye

Our two eyes can see materials and is materialistic, which is helpful to see our world that we are living in. But the third eye can see the things which are beyond the matters.

The third eye starts working when our two eyes stop totally in movement or become rigid. Every time even while sleeping, our eyes move in a very slight manner.

When this movement is stopped or seized, the third eye starts working. It gets a chance to work; energy starts flowing towards it.

Movements of eyes correspond with progress in mind. As you become more thoughtless, the eyes also move less, and vice-versa is also true.

The eyes are always moving, but in a very slight way, generally subtle way. As the movement of eyes stops, the thoughts in mind also disappear at the same time.

Your goal is to stop eye movement totally to become thoughtless and open your third eye.

Don’t force hard to stop the movement of eyes. Relax your body, the total relaxation of the eyes and body muscles prevent the movement of eyes.

Free the body and muscles from all the tensions and stresses. Just relax as if you are floating on the river.

We always subconsciously tighten our head’s muscles. Relax the head as if it is free of physical and mental stress, totally weightless. 

The part around the forehead is always tight, but we don’t even know it. First, physically try to tight and frown forcefully the muscles around eyebrow and forehead.

Then relax the muscle totally with no stress and force. Don’t even force small, totally make free and relaxed. Loose and relax the muscles as if you have no energy on the body.

There should be no energy and stress to any part of the body; even the eye should be relaxed and stress-free.

With the relaxed head, your eyes slightly go upward towards the third eye point, between the two eyebrows. If it doesn’t go uphill, then just slightly focus on the space between two eyebrows.

Don’t force to relax the eyes and forehead muscles. As you go into more profound relaxation, the movement of eyes stops, and thoughts on the mind also disappear.

If you practice this exercise regularly for a few days, you start feeling a slight pain on your third eye as if something is pulling through the third eye point.

Just focus on the third eye point in between the two eyebrows and feel the pain on the third eye point. If there is no mild pain and sensation in between the two eyebrows, continue this practice regularly for at least one hour a day. After a few days or from the first day (depending on person to person), you start feeling the sensation in between the two eyebrows.

This practice increases the pain and sensation on the forehead, which is excellent news for you. 

When the energy moves on the Third Eye, you enter in the new dimension, full of blissfulness and tremendous joy.

Practice this technique every day when you meditate and lying on the bed with eye closed. This is the secret meditation technique given by Lord Siva to open your third eye.

5. Transmutation of Sexual Energy

sexual transmutation
sexual transmutation

The transmutation of sexual energy can furnish you with a new life. You become exalted to higher consciousness. All the great artists, experts, painters, sages, vocalists, Yogis, etc. are the consequences of sexual transmutation. You cannot accomplish big until you transform your sexual energy.