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reincarnation in buddhism and hinduism

Reincarnation in Hinduism

Reincarnation in Hinduism is a discovery of ancient yogis about life after death. Everything happens in this universe for a proper reason. There is a genuine reason for life after death.

The Reason behind life after death and rebirth:

The ultimate reason for rebirth and reincarnation is the unfulfilled desires and attachments of life. Everybody dies with dissatisfaction and that causes the rebirth and the seeking of the womb. The soul needs a body to fulfill its desires.

The man who dies with dissatisfaction has a lot of desires unfulfilled, and those desires are energies that accumulate in the soul. Because of those extra unfulfilled energies, the soul wants to come back to life again through a body. So it starts searching for the womb.

Desires are nothing, but some negative vibrations consisting in the soul. So, such souls cannot easily remain in the universe. It needs a body to come back again into the game.

The Mystery of life and rencarnation:

You don’t know the real meaning to live a life because every second you are surrounded by death. All your achievements, gatherings and money will become really meaningless to you when you take your final breath. Then you realize that nothing was mine despite being so much rich and famous.

However, the enlightened man or spiritually awakened man dies with a great achievement. They know the inner being, the soul. We all are the soul but we have a materialistic body and everyone thinks “I’m the body”. It’s the mistake that everyone is doing.

Enlightenment and reincarnation in Hinduism:

The enlightened people lose all worldly attachment and desires. When you die consciously and with the satisfaction of life then you go to the ultimate peace and ecstasy after death.

That’s why enlightened people never claim that they will bear again in the future until they want to.

As per the Hindus, reincarnation or rebirth is the circle of life and death, and it only stops when you get “Moksha”, the enlightenment.

The enlightened people die so peacefully, so consciously that they become identified with the universe, and they are in a totally blissful state. They never take rebirth. Only compassion may cause rebirth for them, otherwise, they don’t want to disturb their bliss.

Higher consciousness waits for many years to get the next birth because of a lack of a suitable womb.

Normal people get a lot of wombs so they find wombs within three days to one year.

Lastly, according to reincarnation in Hinduism, the evil people also suffer difficulty in life after death to find a proper womb for them until they exist as a ghost.

Reincarnation in Buddhism:

Gautam Buddha used to believe in reincarnation and past lives. He told his past life stories to the disciples. According to reincarnation in Buddhism, we are not the result of one life. Many past lives were present behind us. Nothing happens without any reason. We have done something in past lives, so we are here, and our current lives decide the upcoming lives.

Buddha had taught the ways to go back to the past life to treat the current problems. According to Buddha, everything happens due to some reason; if you are in a problem, it means you have done something wrong to face the problem, without any reason nothing occurs.

Similarly, if something good happens then it means we had done something good earlier. Buddhism and reincarnation have deeper relations. Buddhism is a religion that teaches us a way to live a life. We have forgotten something very important i.e. our past lives.

We have been born so many times but still repeating the same mistakes, there is no progression in life. We are still in the same place. So Buddha decided to teach the people to know their past lives so that they will not repeat the same mistakes that they have done in their past lives.

If you see your past lives repeating the same things, it will make you a different person. You will be enlightened. Buddhism believes there is no reincarnation if someone becomes enlightened. This was the research of Gautam Buddha on reincarnation and life after death.

Also, Buddhism says the last thought before you die impacts your next birth. Your thought works like the laws of attraction. The soul seeks the proper womb according to your current consciousness level.

life after death, reincarnation in buddhism
Gautam Buddha’s past life story

Gautam Buddha had told one of his past life stories:

Buddha was an elephant before his first human life. There was a jungle where many animals and the elephant used to live. Once the destruction of the jungle happened due to the fire. All the creatures and the elephant started to run faster to refrain from fire. The elephant got tired so stopped running to rest a few seconds. At that moment a rabbit came under the elephant thinking that I will be safe here, it is the better place to hide my body. Gradually fire started to come near the elephant. But the elephant couldn’t move due to his grace towards the rabbit. And waits when the rabbit will move, then I will move. I cannot leave him alone in the jungle to die. Rabbit didn’t move because he thought the elephant is not also moving and this is the safe place to hide my body. Finally, fire comes to them and the elephant and the rabbit both of them die.

Gautam Buddha later mentioned that I had not moved due to compassion and sacrificed my life for someone, and that why I got my first human life. Human life was the result of my past karmas.

cosmic consciousness and spirituality and religion

Science is growing and the subject of science vs spirituality and science vs religion is becoming more interesting and controversial day by day. Especially in the field of quantum physics, a huge revolution is happening.

As science goes deeper into reality, it becomes more inclined to spirituality. Now, scientists are being quite interested in cosmic consciousness and the cosmic brain.

What is Cosmic Consciousness?

The term cosmic consciousness was coined by the psychiatrist Richard Maurice Bucke in 1901. According to him, cosmic consciousness is a higher form of consciousness than an ordinary man’s consciousness. He is trying to indicate the cosmic consciousness as the awakened man’s consciousness.

This cosmic consciousness tries to explain things from the higher dimension. From this dimension you don’t belong to the body, rather, you belong to the cosmos and you become immortal and can remain everywhere in the cosmos. You are just consciousness eternal life and have the awareness that I’m the god and also the universe.

Science Vs Religion

The religions appeared first and then science evolved, so all the religious experience is now becoming unscientific for us. But as science is growing, it is more inclining to spirituality and gradually religious experiences are being true.

Classical Science ignores god but quantum physics cannot surely ignore the god. The well-known scientist Albert Einstein says that the more I deeply study science, the more I started to believe in God.

The universe and life are so vast that science can’t explain them. The universe is full of mystery, we know less than a drop in the ocean.

The things that remained to be known are unexplainable. As the scientist tries to solve one problem, they find that more big problems have arisen and more dimension are opened to be discovered. The universe is full of mystery and we know almost nothing about the universe.

Modern physicists are working to reach the ultimate truth but they can always reach nearer to the truth, not the truth.

The universe is becoming more and more mysterious every day. Quantum physics is trying to get the ultimate truth. But as they open one door that leads to the more big door, that opens more dimensions to discover.

science vs spirituality

Quantum Physics and Spirituality

Science is the seeking of truth while spirituality is the experience of truth.

Before these 120 years, science didn’t support spirituality and was denying the existence god but within these 120 years something just the contrary has happened. God has not expired, rather God has become more significant.

The matter and the materialism are now dead. The only exists here is energy, nothing else. Everything is energy and matter has been absurd for today because of the vast and deeper study of science in the field of quantum physics.

But this has been the finding of the mystics since the Vedas, the ancient most findings of the mystics, that matter is illusory and it is just the appearance. 

Quantum Physics and Cosmic Consciousness

In this universe, nothing else exists other than consciousness and all else that appears to exist is only the appearance.

If we dig deeper into reality, the appearance of the matter starts dissolving and modern physics believes everything is the vibration of energy. Different types of vibrations of energy waves or strings give different appearances to every matter. They look different because of their different vibrational energy or strings.

Mystics have taken one furthers step also: they say that if you go deeper into energy you will find energy also does not exist and then what is left is consciousness.

These are the three things: matter, energy, consciousness. Consciousness is the center, the innermost core of reality and the matter is the outermost circumference, and energy the in-between bridge.

Modern Physics is trying to know the true nature of reality. It has been ended with Quarks, the smallest particle of a matter. But String Theory claims that within the Quarks, the energy exists in the form of vibrating string. Due to the different frequencies of vibration of the string, different matters appear.

what is cosmic consciousness
comsic consciousness

Science and God

Just 120 years ago scientists were denying any reality to energy and their whole emphasis was on the matter. Now that emphasis has completely changed, and the matter has completely disappeared but not the god. Now to be a materialist nowadays is simply to show your stupidity.

But this is not the end – one step more, because ultimately one has to come to know ’Who is this seeker? Who is the observer? Who is the witness?’ We can understand all that is outside, but one day finally we have to understand the one who understands, the consciousness.

Science can explain everything except the scientist, but that will remain the problem. Science cannot explain the scientist himself, who is the source of all science. And the moment you start moving into the scientist’s inner world, you are bound to stumble upon consciousness.

And that is the declaration of the mystics of the world Hindu, Christian, Mohammedan, Jain, Buddhist that only consciousness is true and it is immortal.

So, Quantum physicists are working to define what the consciousness is, and have developed many theories but science is behind the spirituality and consciousness is beyond the science.