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how to start meditation

Have you tried every meditation technique but still not getting any results? Have you also tried each meditation tutorial you saw on YouTube, promoted by an agency and it didn’t work? You shouldn’t be worried. Today I’m going to show you a guided meditation for stress and anxiety relief. Here’s how to start meditation.

How to start meditation?

  • Persist with one meditation technique that you like. But today I will show you a simple one.
  • Sit Comfortably or lie on a bed and relax the whole body.
  • Become aware of your self-being.
  • Stop Thinking in mind. As you become more aware of your body, thoughts start vanishing.
  • Don’t move your body, let the whole body be relaxed. Only become conscious of your body and thoughts.
  • Realize that you are not the thoughts and body, you are the consciousness.
  • Stay at that state as long as you can.
  • Don’t do anything in meditation physically and mentally.
  • Forget the world, vanish in the inner sky.
  • Practice this meditation at least 1 hour a day.
how to start meditation, a guided meditaion
how to start meditation?

Persist with one meditation technique

Do at least one meditation every day. You can choose any meditation technique, but persist with one method; don’t go on changing whether results come or not.

Results will certainly come, but all that you need is patience. Methods and the techniques don’t work, what really works is patience. Methods are devices to help you to remain patient and open.

Meditation is very simple, if a man remains in his room for 1 hour every day doing simply nothing, then no method and technique are needed. Just sitting there doing nothing mentally and physically can transform your life and because it becomes your meditation.

All meditations are just explanations and rationalizations for people who cannot just sit, They need something to do otherwise they cannot sit without doing something.

Meditation is doing nothing physically and mentally:

a guided meditation to do nothing

In fact, meditation is physically and mentally doing nothing. It is just relaxing, calming and jumping deep inside your own being.

Think of the child in the mother’s womb, really doing nothing. The child starts meditation in the womb. That was a nine-month meditation journey and the child was utterly happy and blissful. Meditation is the act of doing nothing at a human or body level. It’s beyond the body and any mental act, just act to get lost in the universe that there is nobody to experience any bodily pains and feelings. We were in that situation and in a meditative state in the body so because of that huge blissfulness, one always feels suffering in life and seeks peace but never finds it.

All the causes of depression and addiction to drugs are due to not getting again such a huge peace that was ever happened in the mother’s womb.

As compared to it, everything happens in life falls short. Although consciously we have forgotten about it, unconsciously it persists as a nostalgia. We know in some subtle way, our body also knows, that there was a time when all was just bliss.

Meditation is nothing but again creating a womb situation. So be in the state of doing nothing, just be there for one hour every day and the result certainly comes.

But result won’t pop up immediately because we have learned habits of action and they have deep-rooted in our mind, so even when sitting, we find some ways to do something.

Start one-hour mediation daily

While meditating you should be in the state of no-mind, in a thoughtless state. But it is very difficult to attain it because of our wandering mind. In the beginning days, you face difficulties starting meditation.

When you close your eyes to meditate, then you start dreaming and thinking. You can wonder ’Who is disturbing me? Why? Why is this dog barking?

Our mind dies in meditation so wants to disturb you and generates some subtle mechanisms in the body to distract you. You may experience something like itching and creep of ants on your leg or there is a pain and uneasiness on the body and legs, so you have to change the posture.

These are nothing but tricks and strategies of the mind to keep you occupied because the mind dies totally if there is no occupation. The mind is the occupation. Meditation means a state of no occupation, a state of no mind.

So if you like any method, then you can do it; if you don’t, just sit. Twenty-three hours are yours; give one hour to meditation. And finally, you will realize that only that one hour has been saved; all the other twenty-three hours have gone down the drain. So start guided meditation for one hour a day.


art of living and dying

Today I’m going to tell you the art of living and dying well and the things that you must do before you die. We learn many arts in life but forget the real arts, the art of living and dying well.

The art of living and dying well

We learn many arts in life but nothing is worth learning if you don’t know the real arts, the art of living and dying. All of your arts are meaningless to learn because they are only useful before you die. But the greatest truth of life is ‘death’ and when it comes to you, then what you will do? You don’t have any art. You have nothing to do except dying painfully.

No one teaches you the art of living and dying. Everyone tries to hide it and want to escape from it. We neglect death and do not even want to remember it. We have kept the death in darkness.

art of living happiness program

The most certain thing in our life is death. There is nothing so much certain than death, and no one can ever escape from it.

Everything that exists in this universe can be non-exist too. Whatsoever has a birth, it dies too. Death is just behind birth. We cannot say that a man was born and didn’t die.

The most basic art that everyone must know is the art of living and dying. We are living an uncertain life surrounded by death. We cannot escape from it.

the art of dying and living life

There are only a few people who know the art of living and dying. And that is the greatest art because that is the culmination of life. If you miss death, you have missed your whole life. You will be thrown back into the womb again because you will have to learn and go through the whole process again.

If you failed, then you have to go through the same class again. And the only way to pass is to die so consciously and peacefully that there is no fear in you. Your consciousness must not fade away, consciously you should detach the body seeing your own death – that is the great art of living.

Things to do before you die

You should do something to attain the art of living and dying for a better life, pleasure, bliss, peace, and happiness. You cannot attain it by becoming brave and bold. Unless you know that there is something deathlessness in you, it is impossible to achieve it. You are ignorant about that deathlessness but it is always there and it is your witnessing consciousness. Moreover, you will become aware of witnessing consciousness only after few days of Meditation. Also, you can say meditation is the only way to attain it.


First, you should do a simple meditation that is watching the breath. It is continuously going in and going out. You just need to watch and feel your breath. Then you will become aware that you are not the body and not even the breath. You are the one who is watching the breath, the consciousness a watcher who never dies.

art of living

The moment we know the witness, we become immortals. The best and easiest way to know the witness consciousness is through watching the inhaling and exhaling breath because breath is the bridge that joins the body to the soul.

When you watch the breath, you are different than the breath. Something you can watch cannot be you, it’s different than you.

You are so much connected to the breath that you assume I’m the breathing and when it stops, I will die. But it’s false, breathing helps to keep alive the body and perform its functions well. It’s just the act of taking oxygen and throwing out carbon dioxide.

When you realize your witnessing consciousness is different from breathing, you become immortal. Then the breathing doesn’t matter for you whether isn’t running or not. You jumped into a new dimension beyond the breathing. You started to remain apart from the breathing and now you can watch it but you are not it.

You usually think I’m the body and when the breathing stops, I’m gone. Mentally you adhere to the body and the breathing. You are conscious and remain in deep sleep. This sleep has to be destroyed and should remain watchful to everything and lastly to the breath and thoughts too.

This is not a sudden process. Sudden is really difficult. Firstly, you can remain watchful to your every activity like eating, drinking, walking, talking, dancing, seeing, etc. then after you should try to be watchful to the things like breathing and thoughts.

You can watch things only when you are apart from them. If you are able to remain apart and watchful to the breathing and the thoughts, then you are no longer the same person and no one can kill you ever.

You can do these watchful meditation techniques for the best results twenty-four seven in a day or night. By closing eyes and sitting in a lotus posture is not the only way to meditate effectively. You can do meditation twenty-four seven.

Don’t sleep in each and every instant, and also, don’t involve yourself in any events and relationships because these are only bodily relationships. But you are not the body and living the whole life assuming something is different as I am the worst thing that can ever happen in life. It’s just a wastage of life and totally lie or false. There is no point in living such false life because you are not what you are assuming.

You are consciousness and witness where worldly miseries can never ever touch you. You remain like a steady flame of light in each and every aspect of life.

Yes, you can play a bodily role to the people of the world but you will know that I’m different and unique, just awareness.

When you continue this simple 24/7 mediation, you remain full of joyous, ecstasy, and bliss. You start living life a totally different way and can remain 24/7 high without any intoxications and drugs.

living happiness

You start seeing a glimpse of deathlessness and timelessness in you. This is real-life without any anxiety, tensions, stress, depression, misery, and troubles. Life cannot give you misery, it’s is natural, spontaneous, blissful, full of joyous and pleasures but we attach to the world and die in the race with misery and troubles.

Now, there is no more death for you. You remain in the body but you are not the body and the mind. You can leave the body so consciously and peacefully seeing your own so-called death (stopping of breath). You will see your own death that you are detaching from the body but still, you are there.

This is the real art of living life & dying well. Now, you can save your life from being ruined and enjoy 24/7 bliss and pleasure without any stress and problems.