About Us

About Us

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Hey Awaken Readers, welcome to my website,! I’m Aarjan Malla, The Spiritual Scientist, and Enlightened Man.

I started to help people and get them out of their own created miseries and problems in life. Now it’s empowering people globally to live a better life and face every difficulty of life in a peaceful way that no one knows.

Here at, I cover all the aspects of Spirituality, Mindfulness, and Meditation. You will find all the free content around science vs spirituality, Health, daily life problems, mindfulness, and meditation.

Who is Awaken Guru?

Awaken Guru (Aarjan Malla) was born in 1998 in West Nepal. In my school days, I was a rebellious student and a formidable debater. I always wanted to know the meaning of life and why I’m here on earth?, what is the purpose of me?, who I am?

I started meditation to find out the answers to these questions. After 5 years of meditation, I suddenly realized something unexplainable, and it was a really strange experience for me like I’m not a body but belongs to the universe.

I lost all the attachments of the body to the world. I was just there without any thoughts, something like lost in-universe, there was no time for me, only blissfulness was there. It was a really new experience for me, something like I have jumped into a new realm where worldly things couldn’t touch me.

At that time, there was no-body for me, the body had been lost but something was still there, and it was consciousness. I was conscious and could move anywhere away from my body. It was the first time, I experienced astral travel, and was really addictive. It could give a great high that no drugs could ever give.

From that day, My life has been transformed, I got enlightenment at the age of 21, and it was my second birth with a new beginning, new perception, and a new outlook on the world.