Spiritually Awakened People Know the 5th Dimension

Science has already claimed that the universe is multidimensional and there is the existence of the 5th dimension. But before the evaluation of science, Hindus- Yogis had already claimed that the existence of multi-dimensions. They had found that there is something beyond human grasp.

The 5th Dimension is beyond our perception:

We have five basic senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. The sensing organs associated with each sense send information to the brain to help us understand and perceive the world around us.

But if we have ten senses then you imagine the remaining five senses? No- you cannot, it is a matter beyond the human grasp.

Spiritually awakened people know the 5th dimension:

spiritually awakened people know the new dimensions.

We only know the very tiny portion of the universe but the enlightened people have the third eye and that can help to know beyond human senses.

We live in lower consciousness as if we are asleep, we see from our level of consciousness but the enlightened people see from a different level of consciousness. In fact, it is beyond our consciousness. They see the universe from a different dimension so mainly they are considered as a mad.

Einstein once said, ” no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”.

In the same space, there is a multidimensional existence. For example, this room where we are sitting is full of air. If someone burns some incense, some aromatic substance, the room will become filled with fragrance. If someone sings a melodious song, sound waves will also fill the room. But the smoke of the incense will not clash with the waves of the song. This room can be filled with music as well as with light, but no light wave will clash with any sound wave. Nor will the light waves have to leave to make room for the entry of sound waves.

If enlightened one has to speak from your level, they will have to come down. They will have to come down to a level where you can understand them. Then they will not appear mad.

If Buddha talks with you from his highest level, it will be useless. You will take him to be mad. It has generally happened that these types of people have been taken as mad. The reason for that is that whatever they said looked as if it were told by a mad person. Thus, if they speak from their level, they will be branded as mad.

Science has no tools to know the fifth dimension:

Albert Einstein went deep where others only touched the periphery, but Einstein has not moved into another plane. When we call Buddha or Mahavira Gyanis, knowers, what we mean is different.

Science is behind the spirituality

It is possible that on our plane we may know more than they know, but our calling them Gyanis means that they know something of another plane about which we do not know anything. They have gone into a new dimension which has a qualitative difference.