What is the 4th Dimension of Space-Time

what is 4th dimension

Dimensions are known as the existence of a plane beyond our three-dimensional universe. Time is also a dimension that specifies the certain position of an object at a certain time. Theoretically, scientists believe the time is the 4th dimension of space.

The measurement of time within the body is totally different from the calculation of time in different states of consciousness.

Consciousness determines timelapse and time passing. But different consciousness degree has totally different time perceptions.

Time has speed and it’s own velocity. Even the most genius scientists didn’t have any concept that time additionally has its velocity.

If we didn’t fix or decide the speed of time constant, then it would be troublesome to measure all different velocities in a certain time frame. Because time has its own speed on the moving time measuring some objects’ speed will cause trouble.

So, we have kept time constant and steady. It will be something like someone walk in a single hour 2 miles and simultaneously, at the same time, time also moves somewhat and it creates difficulties in measuring the speed of the object. so we made the time steady and static, otherwise, every little thing would be in confusion.

However, probably the most fascinating truth is, time is non-static and moves more than everything else. Time means change but we now have fixed time as a constant object, otherwise, all different measurements of motion will be unattainable. This time-velocity runs more or less in accordance with one’s state of consciousness level.

Also, Albert Einstein talked about that the 4th dimension, the time has totally different observations for different people having different situations and mindsets. 

Our consciousness determines the speed of time. Time is not identical for all creatures, even to the one who lives alone or with a girlfriend; both observe the speed of time in a different way. The one who lives with a girlfriend realizes in some way sooner passes of time whereas the one who lives alone realizes the slower timelapse.

When one is not within the body there isn’t any distinction between one moment and one thousand years. Time measurement begins only with the presence of the body. Outside the body, it makes no difference whether you have been for one hundred years or one thousand years. Only upon acquiring a body, the distinction begins.

We have not realized the speed of time because in our understanding time has no speed. We perceive only that in time all things move.

The measurements of time can only be done on the planet where some consciousness exists.

After death, time doesn’t matter like in a dream. Our consciousness level goes to its very own (not zero) while sleeping so the time measurement system becomes disturbed due to low consciousness level than the awaked state.

We cannot say exactly how many hours have been passed after awaking from sleep. Because low consciousness level treats time-lapse in a different way.

Suppose, we give some sleeping pills through injection to someone who is sleeping like a regular routine at night, and we don’t inform him about those sleeping pills before going to bed.

Then, we increase the dose of sleeping injections until 2 days. And when he awakes from sleep after 2 days, he still thinks that it’s the next day and I have slept only 6 hours. He will not know the timelapse of 2 days until we inform him about the sleeping pills. 

What happened to him? Why he was unaware of timelapse till 2 days?
Well, the answer is because of the sleeping consciousness. After using sleeping drugs, his consciousness level continued to remain low until 2 days. So he was unaware of a timelapse of 2 days.

Time can be only measured through someone else state of consciousness. Stones around you have also very low consciousness level (nearly equal to zero), and plants around you have a slightly better consciousness level. For stones, there is no time and timelapse. But the plants have their own perception of the time.

Similarly, when we die, the time frame becomes totally different without the body. It will be somehow similar to a dream, an expanse of several years can be seen inside a moment in a dream.

What’s the 4th dimension?

Our space is multi-dimensional. The known first three dimensions are used to specify an object’s location and motion in the space (forward and backward, left and right, and up and down), whereas the 4th dimension locates the object’s position in time.

what is 4th dimension
4th dimensional space

The known four dimensions are used to specify the placement and location of an object in space-time. As a whole, the known 4 dimensions are inseparably interlinked and referred to as space-time.

We live in the multi-dimensional world but our senses are capable to know only the four-dimensions, so we’re unable to see anything beyond the four dimensions. We see that our physical world is constructed inside these 3 to 4 dimensions. 

We can feel and realize time’s presence, but we can never actually detect it with our three-dimensional senses. Time can only be realized with consciousness levels because it extends beyond our universe.


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