10 Minutes Meditation is Equal 4 Hours Sleep: Revealing it!

10 minutes meditation is equal 4 hours sleep

Have you ever now the power of meditation? And are you aware of the fact that only 10 Minutes Meditation is equal 4 hours sleep?

If not, you have come to the right place, today I will show you the powers of meditation and assure you that it has the potential to reduce your sleep and activate your whole body.

Humans have great potentials but all are ignorant of that. Can you imagine only simple meditation of 10 minutes can transform your life?

Meditation is the way to relax the whole body but the act of being actless meditation is really hard because we cannot imagine anything without acts.

We relate everything to the acts and works. We are always busy doing many kinds of stuff. We cannot remain silent, the pressure of the world is too huge that twenty-four-seven we are acting something consciously and unconsciously.

If we can understand meditation and start meditation for only 10 minutes then it’s enough.

Normally, in the 24 hours, we are just going into a deep meditation state for only a few minutes in the 8 sleeping hours. Even in sleep, our mind doesn’t stop thinking, all the time in sleep, our mind wanders and thinks a lot. Also, the world reflects in the night while asleep, and we think it’s a dream.

Dreaming is nothing but thoughts of the subconscious mind. We collect garbage all the day in mind and the effect of work, office, conversation, events, all the things that happen in the day also occurs in the night while sleeping.

Have you ever noticed the day when you dream the whole night and you feel fatigued in the morning or lack of sleep?

It’s because your body was paralyzed but the mind was still working whole over the night.

How the 10 Minutes Meditation is Equal 4 Hours Sleep?

10 minutes of meditation is equal to 4 hours of sleep
10 minutes meditation is equal 4 hours sleep

Always meditation has been misunderstood for many centuries, it’s because of our way of related everything as an action. Meditation is the state of un-action mentally as well as physically. You reach the same peak or to the same stage when you go to deep sleep or slow-wave sleep. It is a very powerful stage that can make you feel better and refreshed in the morning.

This stage lasts for only a few minutes in 8 hours of sleep. But these 5 to 15 minutes of sleep are very valuable than the rest of sleeping hours. In this state, the body rejuvenates itself and conserves energy. Your brain waves slow down and enter the ‘delta state’, and the body muscles, brain, everything become more relaxed. Your body has to save huge fuel, simply entered into the new realm of no action called meditation.

So, the 10 minutes of meditation is equaled to 4 hours of sleep. If you meditate only 10 minutes, then you no need to sleep 4 to 8 hours at night because you entered the slow-wave sleep state (delta) that you gain only after 4 to 8 hours of sleep at night.

Ony the 10 minutes of meditation has the power to give you more than 4 – 6 hours of sleep.

Stages of Sleep:

Hypnogram 10 Minutes Meditation is Equal 4 Hours Sleep
Hypnogram sleep stages

Awake: It’s simply an unsleeping state. You are conscious and the body is totally active and wakeful.

REM Sleep: In this Rapid Eye Movement sleep, the body remains in between wakefulness and sleep. The brain wave EEG shows you are very closer to the wakefulness state but not awake. The eye moves rapidly and simultaneously you dream at that time. The body becomes quite paralyzed but not fully relaxed, this paralyzed state of the body prevents you from doing some actions while dreaming. Your heartbeat, blood pressure, and breathing become quite faster as well as irregular. This is the worst sleep state, you feel the lazy and unrefreshed and low energy level in the morning after awake.

REM Sleep With Open Eyes

Stage 1: In this non-Rapid Eye Movement sleep, the body starts relaxing and your heartbeat, brain neurons, breathing, eye movements slow down. The brain wave EEG begins to lower down from the patterns of daytime wakefulness. In this short tenure of sleep you just enter wakefulness or REM sleep to an unaware state.

Stage 2: In this non-Rapid Eye Movement sleep, the body enters quite a deep state of sleep, the brain wave activity tends to slow down. The body muscles relax furthermore and the breathing and heartbeat start even slowing down. Moreover, the eye movements and body temperature also decrease than stage 1.

Stage 3: In this non-Rapid Eye Movement sleep, the body enters to more deep sleep state just like a meditative state. The thoughts and dreams totally stop, the body becomes totally paralyzed and even more relaxed. Your heartbeat, breathing, and brain wave activity become very low to their lowest levels during sleep. If you stay more time in this stage then you feel fresher and energized in the morning.

You can also achieve this stage in meditation, therefore if you achieve deeper meditation then the 10 minutes of meditation will be equal to 4 hours of sleep, and it’s really awesome fact of meditation.

stages of sleep mnemonic
Sleep cycles

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